Jewels as a shiny status symbol – we think differently!

We see jewels as something more, as an expression of who you are. What you stand for, your inner passion, beliefs and dreams.

You are what you wear - so why is the jewel industry so uniform? Are we all similar?

Links Jewels has just set its sails on a voyage, a journey and on a quest. A quest to change how we view, perceive and use jewelry.

Our expression has its foundation in reflections – “how can we drive change, have an impact and truly feel that what we wear is more than just an exterior decoration”. Reflections on things happening around us and we’re proud over our craftsman heritage and should with pride be able to state that every product continues to carry that craftsman tradition further on.

Our products are designed and constructed by Håkan Orrling, a second-generation traditional gold-smith. Educated in gold-smith handcraft by his father, a well-recognized gold-smith, and in design at the Copenhagen design institute. Our creations always strive for sustainability in products, the environment and in relationships.

We’re not here to say what’s right or wrong. We’re here to facilitate the discussion, to help initiate a creative and constructive discussion. All creative and constructive dialogues start with understanding each others opinions.

New global jewelry brand on the wrists of the UN security council

A Humanium Bracelet by Links Jewels, a new Swedish jewelry brand, was handed over to all members of the UN Security Council as a gift on July 23rd. It was presented to them by the Swedish UN-ambassador, as Sweden took over the chairman post.

Links Jewels creates jewelry aimed to be more than just a nice decoration. Each product is uniquely designed to create dialogue and reflection. Manifested in many ways, but not least in its product Humanium Metal Bangle, made from Humanium Metal. A material invented by Individuell människohjälp (referred to as IM).

Humanium Metal is produced by recycled metal from gun destruction programs, which are then made available for commercial production. All products made with Humanium Metal create new sources of funding for victims and projects aiming to rebuild conflict-torn societies.

Hence Links Jewels #ArmsAgainstArms, now worn by the UN security council.

Links Jewels was founded in the small village of Arild, in the southern parts of Sweden. It is a joint venture between a second-generation gold smith and entrepreneurs - all with the ambition of transforming the traditional and uniform jewel industry.

Links Jewels has a simple purpose: Freedom to express who you are, what you aspire to and your inner passion – express yourself!

We want to utilize personal items as jewels to express your personal standpoint and expression – you are what you wear!

  • It all comes down to our simple believe in: -It being a human right to be free to express who you are, what you believe in and what your inner passion is.
  • It being a human obligation to listen to and respect differences and different opinions – creativity and progress is the fruit of diversity.
  • Humanity evolving by breaking the conventional, breaking norms and from the courage to make a stand.

We’re not here to change the world, we’re here to make our small contribution and make a stand that metal should be used around your arm instead of making arms!



Fredrik Ivansson

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