Links Jewels Goldsmith


Håkan Orrling fine jewelry and visionary designer is a second-generation goldsmith from Sweden. His work is distinguished by his technical skills and naturally developed craftsmanship, which enabled him to explore jewelry as an art form. 

His work is inspired by the freedom of expression, human rights, art, and music. That is how Links Jewels was born as a symbol that raise voices and send a peace statement for a better future worldwide.


​”My vision can sometimes be difficult to define. But you can easily say that it is not at all about color and shape as many may believe. Therefore, the concrete vision is as vague as a future imaginary work of art you do not know you will create. I usually set a framework for what I do not want to land; I find surfaces I can take the bar against, and then at the same time I start from different important values that I can lean on.Håkan Orrling