Mothers for Peace

Mother's Day started in 1870; it was a call for women to unite for peace against violence. Early advocates envisioned it as a day of peace to honor and support mothers who lost sons and husbands to wars.

Links Jewels wants to bring Mother's Day back to its roots through a global campaign, "Mothers For Peace" when the world is again engaged in devastating wars, and many of our communities are affected by violence. The main idea is to invite individuals to raise their voices against violence as a sign of solidarity. Simply by recording a video message to mothers, upload it to Facebook and Instagram accounts, tag @arildlinks, and use #MothersForPeace. 

One of the most popular gifts for Mother's Day is jewelry, whether gold or silver. For added significance, Links Jewels offered the Mother's Day exclusive package, including a Changes Petite Leather bracelet and a black-cord necklace with an exclusive Amor Griffe Charm in Humanium Metal made from destructed illegal firearms. 

Links Jewels' commitment to transforming a violent culture into a culture of peace, art, and beauty drives the brand. Every day many people lose their lives to gun violence - sparing no age, gender, or ethnicity. Advocates now wear Links Jewels jewelry to symbolize their true values, give a proud reminder of their support against gun violence, and honor all the mothers who want nothing more than peace for their loved ones.

Share with us how did you celebrate Mother's Day this year?