Joint Efforts Needed to Prevent Mass Shooting

While the American and European society are mourning over the mass shooting at a primary school in Texas, Uvalde, a grocery store in New York, and Fields mall in Copenhagen, the voices calling for just "Thoughts and prayers" become unacceptable.

In 2020 more than 45,000 Americans died due to firearms incidents. On average, 390m guns are owned by civilians. These facts put massive pressure on politicians to act and find a way to address gun violence.(Check the mass shooting incidents worldwide during the past year as shown in Fig. 1.)

Mass Shooting Incedents Worldwide During The Past Year

Fig. 1 Mass Shooting Incedents Worldwide During The Past Year (Google Trends)

After weeks of discussions and public pressure, a new law was announced with minor steps that include measures such as background checks for gun buyers below 21, requiring people to demonstrate a particular need for carrying a gun to get a license to take one in public, and offering funding to seize guns from people found dangerous by courts.  

According to practitioners and researchers, the problem is deeper than the gun’s availability; rather, it is the violent mindset. Studying the background of the shooters indicated that mostly all the incidents were committed by boys/men who suffered from dark thoughts against communities which developed emotional pain and instability. They are socially isolated and face failure in schools or jobs. Furthermore, they are followers of racist groups on social media. These facts were reassured through the saddening incident in Copenhagen on Sunday 3rd June 2022, at Fields shopping mall. Rather than facing their failures or finding solutions and seeking help, they promise an imaginary victory and self-satisfaction by committing violence against others and usually choose minorities or vulnerable groups. 

This tells us that laws and regulations are essential but represent only one side of the multi-sided shape. Thus a joint effort is crucial from politicians, media, families, communities, businesses, and community initiatives to raise awareness and support community resilience. 

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“I call on Americans nationwide to make their voices heard on gun safety. Lives are on the line,” President Joe Biden.

“We call the world to make their voices heard to stop gun violence, join the movement and contribute to our cause” Arild-Links team.

Who would you like to call? Share with us your thoughts and raise your voice against violence.