Jewelry with a meaning: A Catalyst For Peace

Owning and wearing jewelry has been a way to adorn the body. From the earliest piece of jewelry found 25,000 years ago, historians and researchers figured out that jewelry was worn for a significant meaning and symbolism. It serves the need to feel accepted and belong; it represents identity and self-esteem. However, the jewelry's meaning and symbolism can differ according to the piece design, materials used, the country of origin. 

Sweden is a consistent champion of peacebuilding and conflict prevention, with well-recognized records of peace-related UN and EU approved policies. Sweden is the country of origin of Arlid Links, the jewelry company with a mission to promote peace through a strategic partnership with Non-Violence and Humanium Metal organizations.

The jewelry brand stemmed from the company´s commitment to reduce violence and promote just in the world. A promise that the politicians, public, and business people need to advocate for today more than any time else. While violence collects people´s lives on different continents and threatens to vanish communities, societies, and countries, voices were raised asking for solidarity, peace, and justice. 

At times of conflict and instability, people need a sense of belonging and unity; they need symbols representing their rights to live in safe societies. Links Jewels jewelry exclusively uses melted illegal weapons metal to design and craft unique jewelry collections that symbolize peace, raise awareness, promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all, and build effective, accountable, and inclusive institutions at all levels. 

A weapon kills a person every minute. Arlid Links has removed 1.200 illegal weapons through its jewelry production to date. We would love to hear from you, about how you chose your jewelry, is it about its meaning, convenience, price, country of origin, or others?